Remembering the Inspirational Brian Lomax

It’s been pointed out by the Northampton Town Supporters Trust, that today is the anniversary of the death of their founder, Brian Lomax. For those wondering, and there will be some, Brian was not merely the founder of the first supporters’ trust in 1992. In doing so, he made the notion that fans should be involved in the ownership and running of their clubs a normal thing. The idea of fans as stakeholders was born. No longer should they just be expected to troop-up twice a week and pay their way, but they should be able to have a say in the direction their club went.

More critically, he helped to found Supporters Direct in 2000, which as a positively disruptive force in English, followed by Scottish and then European, football, ended up changing how fans were seen across the continent, not just our little corner of it. Why was SD important? Because it was like a factory for activism in football, empowering and upskilling, providing support and a soft-landing for crises, technical expertise, as well as a voice in the country – both in civil society, as well as football specifically.

Like our colleague Jacqui Forster, who died not long after Brian, herself from cancer, he was cruelly taken from us too early. But Brian’s effect on the game will be felt way beyond just the period he held the position of Managing Director of Chair of SD. What Brian did changed the rules of the game. He helped to give people a voice who deserved one, and inspired generations to come of people prepared to battle not just for the soul of their clubs, but for the game itself.

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