Does Fan Engagement by Premier League/EFL need improvement?

When the football restart was announced last Friday (24th July), fans weren’t mentioned in either Premier League or EFL media releases. Should we be concerned? Does this indicate a problem with Fan Engagement on the part of leagues themselves? Can leagues do more to engage with fans? Should they?


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  1. Alan Russell27/07/2020

    Good stuff here. I wasn’t aware of the Q&A sessions to explain changes to the offside law a few years ago – I suggested something similar in Scotland a couple of seasons ago but it didn’t go anywhere unfortunately… if leagues don’t do this proactively they end up on the back foot when the first controversial decisions of the season happen, and they’re picked apart in TV studios (by pundits who also don’t know the rules!)

    1. admin27/07/2020

      Yeah – the EFL’s referee sessions were a really good idea, and a potential example of what they could do in other areas. Totally agree with the point about being proactive. That’s the general rule for any Fan/Stakeholder Engagement of course, and it’d be good to see the leagues in both England and Scotland getting out there in some of the ways I suggest. Thanks for doing the pod earlier.


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