A free way to save time, money & more on your Fan Engagement!

Are you struggling with your Fan Engagement, and need a help along the way? Fan Insights has just the thing for you: The Little Book of Fan Insights. If you’re a senior executive with not enough of time on your hands, it’ll provide some shortcuts to quick wins for your club, with help, training tips and other ideas.

If you’re fed up of hearing about tech, sales and marketing, don’t have access to the right expertise, and want to know how to really save time and money with the right approach to Fan Engagement, this is for you. Go to the Little Book of Fan Insights page to download it.


  1. Nigel Davidson21/05/2018

    Hi Kevin

    How’re you doing?

    Good luck with the new venture

    Just wondering if we could benefit from your ‘Inights’ at CUOSC?

  2. admin21/05/2018

    Hi Nigel. I’d be very happy to sit down and have a chat to go through what you might need, and how FI might be able to help you. Are you still involved? Maybe I could give you a call?


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