Wycombe Wanderers Matt Cecil: A fan doing Fan Engagement

In the latest episode of the Fan Engagement Pod, Wycombe’s Head of Media, Matt Cecil, tells us how he ensures effective Fan Engagement as a boyhood fan of the club.

A big part of the trick is to ensure that you don’t get too drawn into the cut, thrust and intrigue of social media and messageboards, making sure you keep a reasonable distance to allow reflection and consideration of the big picture.

Matt has also been around during three changes in ownership, and tells us how he’s moved between three different environments.

It’s a fascinating episode and is important for those who want to communicate with fans effectively, and with authenticity and what Damian Irvine, an admirer of Matt and interviewee in Episode 19 of the Pod, calls ‘sincerity’.

Don’t forget the new Bas Chat #1 which launched today, featuring our co-host Bas Schnater, chatting more about activations, sponsorship and partnerships between rights holders and brands. In the first edition, we chat about Bas’s view on data breadcrumbs, where it segways with relationships, about a natty new activation between Budweiser and US women’s soccer, Bas’s take on the now defunct Premier League’s Pay Per View plans, passion products and why he calls fans a ‘customer plus’. Mark Bradley and the work of the Fan Experience Company also get a very honourable mention. 

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