Want success? Put Fan Engagement at the centre like Lincoln City

Clive Nates features in Episode Four of the Fan Engagement Pod, by Fan Insights. In it, the former fund manager discusses his methodical, thoughtful style, and how as part of his regime he brought fans to the table as an active part of decision making.

The arrival of Clive four years ago, the appointments of Danny and Nicky Cowley to the football side – but also the that of CEO Liam Scully – has seen a huge turnaround in fortunes, with financial investment in key areas, but crucially, time and resources invested in Fan Engagement.

As a result, Lincoln City have been a success on the pitch, but also finished sixth in the inaugural Fan Engagement Index. Throughout the period of the Covid-19 pandemic they have also continued to engage and consult with fans, despite having large numbers of staff furloughed, as with most clubs.

Key Insights from Episode Three

  1. Trust your fans: they can be the source of intelligent ideas and valuable insight
  2. Use social media, but don’t get caught up in flame-wars, or be antagonised by trolling
  3. Ensure your senior management & leadership buy into Fan Engagement from the start: they can be the difference between success like Lincoln City’s, or fleeting success and financial failure

You can listen in your favourite podcast app. Just search ‘Fan Engagement Pod’.

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