Ryan Sparks – Honesty is the best policy

The latest Fan Engagement Pod is out, and it’s a great chat with Ryan Sparks, Director of Communications and Commercial at Bradford City AFC.

We don’t do run of the mill on the Pod, and Ryan doesn’t disappoint. One of the most interest themes in this conversation is about dealing straight, being honest, and fronting up, and how much space that gives you to get things right.

The maintenance of trust has to be the central strand of all Fan Engagement, and those who fail, fail to gain it, whilst those who succeed, use it as a foundation in their success.

Bradford City is also a fascinating study of where leadership has also been at the centre of the way Fan Engagement has worked – and failed. Owner Stefan Rupp and Chief Executive Julian Rhodes have clearly placed great stall in Ryan, and trusted him to deliver a strategy that isn’t about increasing clubs shop sales volumes, season tickets or page views, but about cementing the bond of trust between the fans and the club, a bond that had degraded badly over a very difficult period under the former CEO and chair of the club.

You can listen via your favourite podcast app, just search ‘Fan Engagement Pod’, and you can join the Fan Engagement Network at faninsights.co.uk/network/join

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