Norwich City – hard work behind the scenes makes it look effortless

Norwich City have built their success on and off the pitch through a thoughtful approach, with Fan Engagement a centrepiece of how they make their model work.

Chief Operating Officer Ben Kensell, interviewed on the latest Fan Engagement Pod by Fan Insights, explains more about how they make their model work – relying on three pillars of income (the same as all clubs, except those with a fourth – owner income) – and a strategy of best in class Fan Engagement, that ensures all parts of the Norwich fanbase feel involved and listened to.

He tells us that the reason it seems effortless is down to the effort put in to ensure that there’s a strategy in place. He explains how this is made possible by leadership from Delia Smith, Michael Wynne-Jones and the board of directors working with senior management to set strategy and empower staff to do their jobs, ensuring that Fan Engagement is at the centre of the model.

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