Mario Leo: Digital can’t just be a bolt-on

Digital communications expert and CEO of Result Sports, the digital sports experts, says clubs have loads more to do to make digital engagement part of the way clubs operate – not just an add on to clubs. He was speaking during his interview on the Fan Engagement Pod, by Fan Insights, where he spoke with Kevin Rye about a wide range of issues including:

  • The role of social media as a way of narrowing choices & generating loyalty for fans, but how it causes damage in other areas of society
  • How he expects changes to the broadcasting model to escalate over the next few years as a result of Covid19
  • How CEOs/senior business managers need to be more on top of what those running social accounts are doing
  • How buying cycles are shrinking, including how weather apps mean people from buying tickets.
  • How Stevenage FC’s sponsorship by Burger King contains both threat and opportunity

He also talks about his book, Kaufen si Ronaldo, which will be published soon in Turkey, Russia and the UK, after a successful German edition.

You can listen to the podcast, which is in two parts, via your favourite podcast app (just search ‘Fan Engagement Pod’), or go to the Fan Insights website:

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