Liam Scully: Lincoln CITY CEO outlines ‘Four Pillars of a good club’

Lincoln City CEO Liam Scully outlines his ‘four pillars of a good club’ in his interview on the Fan Engagement Pod, Episode 12 of the Podcast which focuses on hearing expertise and insight about Fan Engagement from industry leaders, fans, and experts.

If you can get the first three, and the final one falls into place – the playing side – you’ve hit the sweet spot! The four pillars are:

  1. The relationship between fans & first team football management
  2. Strong Fan Engagement & two-way dialogue between fans & club
  3. Strong relationship between club management (off pitch) & fans
  4. On the pitch success

He also points out that fans don’t want to win at all costs – winning with integrity matters more than you might think; and that fans appreciate that there’s been a process behind a decision, even if they don’t agree with the actual decision.

You can hear the interview on the Fan Engagement Pod on Acast, Google, Apple and all major podcast outlets. Just search ‘Fan Engagement Pod’.

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