Football activists aren’t outsiders, so get them on the inside

That’s the message from Amnesty International’s Niall Couper on episode 23 of the Fan Engagement Pod. Niall is also an activist Wimbledon fan himself, running the media campaign for the recent Plough Lane Bond, which helped deliver the new stadium for AFC Wimbledon. He also co-founded and ran the alternative programme at Wimbledon, Yellow and Blue, which during the 2001/2002 season that Wimbledon fans protested against the proposed franchising of their League place, outsold the club’s official matchday programme by a reputed 3-1.

On Tuesday 3rd November, the work of Niall and thousands of other Wimbledon activist-fans came to fruition as their club returned to Plough Lane after an absence of nearly 30 years.

In both his day job and as a fan, one of the things that Niall emphasises is the need for those involved not to think of themselves as ‘outsiders’, something particularly important where fans are part of the decision making and dialogue at clubs – as they are at Spurs, Fulham, Lincoln City and Exeter City.

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