“Fans: part customer, part religious devotee”

Fans are described as ‘Part customer, part religious devotee’ during this week’s Fan Engagement Pod is a chat between Fan Insights founder and owner, Kevin Rye, and What The Footie podcast presenter, Paul Musa.

Paul and Kevin engage in a pretty free-ranging conversation between, touching on a lot of Fan Engagement issues such as the 50%+1 rule, the role of supporters’ trusts, who does Fan Engagement well, as well as casting a ‘fan-focus’ on project Big Picture, Fulham’s player trading, Premflix and on-demand services and how the FA does and doesn’t get involved in regulating clubs.

Paul’s podcast series is an excellent introduction to many of the issues that fans should know about in football, clearly reflecting him as a person with an eclectic background. It’s worth taking a look at his LinkedIn page to see what he’s been up to for the last few years, including a recent move into law, as well as the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation. His LinkedIn page is in the episode description.

This episode will be published by both What the Footie, and the Fan Insights Fan Engagement Pod.

The Fan Engagement Pod is available via all major podcast apps, and via faninsights.co.uk/podcast. You can also join the Fan Engagement Network via faninsights.co.uk/join

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