Doncaster: Without culture of Fan Engagement Covid19 would be much tougher

Fan Engagement is a money earner during the good times, but it’s become even more critical in these dark days of Covid19, says Club Doncaster’s Shaun Lockwood in his interview on the Fan Engagement Pod from Fan Insights, released this week.

Shaun, who is Group Head of Communications for three clubs – Doncaster Rovers, Rovers Belles and Doncaster Rugby League – has presided over a highly respected Fan Engagement operation that scored well in the inagural Fan Engagement Index last year, finishing as the highest-placed privately owned club in the country.

Not only do their relationships work when it comes to dialogue via fans parliaments, fans forums or online social, but are also effective when it comes to the bottom line. Their Covid19 strategy, planned with the direct involvement of their Supporters Board (Fans Parliament) resulted in a massive reduction in their season ticket liabilities to fans. Shaun also talks about how the Supporters Board was central in identifying and designing a new price structure for younger fans not old enough to afford full adult prices, and also talks about how to make marketing a human process, with fans and their needs at the centre.

The episode really is one for anyone in Fan Engagement who wants to understand why Fan Engagement isn’t just right, but effective financially.

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