Alan Russell: Challenges of Fan Engagement in Scotland’s evolving game

Supporters Direct Scotland Chief Executive, Alan Russell, explains the challenges of representing the interests of fans in a Scottish game that is changing and evolving, and putting fans in far more influential positions in clubs as a result.

The evolution that’s happening has come after years of uncertainty created by financial overstretch of numerous Scottish league clubs, and the collapse of Setanta Sports – something that has provoked an even greater challenge to the game north of the border than the equivalent collapse did to its English counterpart.

Russell talks about the differences in how the SPFL (Scottish Professional Football League) and SFA (Scottish Football Association) engages with fans, and how roles like the Supporter Liaison Officer present an opportunity for clubs to connect and relate more closely to fans – at all levels and sizes of club in the top four divisions.

You can hear Alan being interviewed on the Fan Engagement Pod Episode 13. Listen via Acast, Apple, Google, and all major podcasting platforms.

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