Roundup: Covid19 fallout, Rugby League returns, Pod, & Community Schemes

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Hear an overview of how the Covid19 Pandemic has affected football clubs, on The Briefing Room (Radio 4) with David Goldblatt, Sociologist and Author; Helen Thompson, University of Cambridge; Kieran Maguire, University of Liverpool; and Alex Culvin, University of Salford

Read how Rugby League fans are being allowed back into grounds this month as part of the series of Covid19 test events – ahead of their cousins in football, and before the planned Grand Final on Saturday 10th October

Listen to Stoke City Supporters Growth and Services Manager on how he uses his insight as a fan himself (of Hartlepool United) in a professional context, and why reporting directly to the board of the football club is a critical part of ensuring he isn’t just regarded as someone who deals with fan complaints

Read about Community Schemes and their relationship with Fan Engagement, on the Fan Engagement Hub, including why they matter, but aren’t Fan Engagement, and how to ensure that you manage the overlap between the two. You can access loads of practical case studies, articles and support for your Fan Engagement on the Hub

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Don’t forget, as part of the next Fan Engagement Index for English football, we’ll soon be sending clubs copies of the data we’ve researched for comment. This is part of our objective to collaborate actively with clubs and Fan Engagement professionals, to help improve the understanding of Fan Engagement. You can read the first edition of the Index on our website.

Part One of Shrewsbury Town Q&As on Covid19 trials A comprehensive guide in three parts on the official site. Take a look at Part Two and Part Three as well

Behind The Scenes: Portsmouth FC | CCO Anna Mitchell from podcast What the Footie

CEO of Cambridge United FC Ian Mather explains their experience of the first Covid19 test event and why the club is at the forefront of making the schemes work

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