What Time to Post on Social Media

Kevin Rye, 27/04/2020

What Time to Post on Social Media

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Key Insights

  1. Be thoughtful about what time you post information that is about dialogue or particularly important meetings
  2. Think seriously about setting up a ‘Help’ channel on Twitter, or having your SLO use one, to be able to communicate on these issues discretely and effectively

Posting on social media so that the biggest – or most appropriate group – of people read, watch or listen to something is a bit of an art in itself. Every day is not the same: some days are generally busier than others, whilst others will see the attention of users diverted.

We’d suggest being very thoughtful about when to post information that is more important than for example, marcomms relating to a club shop sale or a ticketing issue.

Notice of a dialogue meeting for example, is important for your cycle of Fan Engagement, so make sure you use the right channel (establishing a Help Channel on Twitter like some clubs, eg: Leicester or Reading, is a very good idea, or doing it via your SLO’s account), and make sure you do it at the right time.

This excellent guide to posting includes advice on posting times, as well as advice and tips on related issues.

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