Using Social Media as a Chair, CEO or Director

Kevin Rye, 02/05/2020

Using Social Media as a Chair, CEO or Director

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Key Insights:

  1. Embrace technology and the flexibility it brings to communication Рincluding dealing with trolling 
  2. Do it your way: just because some leaders are outspoken on ‘whole game’ issues, doesn’t mean you have to

Andy Holt (Accrington Stanley FC) and Darragh Macanthony (Peterborough United FC) both use Twitter to listen to and speak with their fans.

Although both are fearless in taking on issues about the wider game, both can be good examples to the leaders of football clubs when it comes to the engagement they have with fans of their clubs. Both are prepared to have discussions on many different issues, including often taboo subjects around budgets and transfer policy too, but important lesson to take from this is the openness and willingness to go where fans are.

Some CEOs, Chairs, Directors or owners might be averse to having such a direct relationship with their fans, and trolling is something that upsets and unnerves a lot of people. If that’s the case, having a specific Q&A with fans on a regular basis on social media might be an option, likewise following Mark Catlin’s Q&A example at Portsmouth. Tom Gorringe at Bristol Rovers is a natural communicator who uses Twitter as a way of conversing with and listening to fans.

You don’t need to do it one way. The beauty of technology is that you can use different tools in different ways to suit.

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