SLOs: Keeping Fans Updated

Kevin Rye, 27/04/2020

SLOs: Keeping Fans Updated

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Key Insights:

  1. Remember that good Fan Engagement isn’t just the principles. It also matters to how the club delivers to fans on a matchday and at other times. Lincoln City talk about the ‘golden thread’ of Fan Engagement running through the club from the strategic to the delivery
  2. Why not try a regular update issued to fans via the website and any regular news emails? Although Tranmere Rovers do it weekly it could just as easily be fortnightly or even monthly, at least to start with

Behind all good Fan Engagement is the need to manage the relationship between fans and clubs in the right way, but clubs should always try their best, within their resources, to ensure good communication and delivery of services at the front end.

SLOs are at the frontline of your Fan Engagement, and not only can provide important intelligence and feedback to clubs, but also be very efficient ways of getting out practical information to fans.

We’ve picked up a useful update provided on SLO activities by Tranmere Rovers. They issue an ‘SLO Weekly Update’, providing information about some of the things they do. The update covers work around the ground, supporting fans with limited mobility on away trips, important work with the local police and club safety officer, and meetings with club officials to provide feedback.

Although it might not be necessary to provide a weekly update, something on at least a monthly basis would provide a really excellent way of demonstrating the importance and effectiveness of the SLO for your club. You should most definitely include the update in your regular marketing communications emails to fans and seasons ticket holders.

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