Save and Share Tweets with Colleagues

Kevin Rye, 27/04/2020

Save and Share Tweets with Colleagues

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Key Insights

  1. If you want to be able to save and share tweets of interest, Pocket is a great way of doing it
  2. We haven’t found a way to do the same with Instapaper, though Instapaper a lot of the other things Pocket does – read this article for more

Anyone operating a Twitter account will be familiar with the ‘Like’ function (the little red heart beneath each post that you can click on to show you liked a tweet), but sometimes it can create controversy because even if you’re just using this function to save a post for later.

There are two options, one native to Twitter, the other, Social Bookmarking (a bookmarking app.)

Twitter now provides a ‘Bookmarking’ option (see pic below) for tweets you want to save, and these tweets can’t be viewed, unlike the Like function, so avoiding the potential embarrassment of people seeing what you’re saving.

However, unlike the ‘Like’ function, that means colleagues can’t access them easily without logging into the Twitter account concerned, which in some clubs might not be possible – for security or other reasons. You might for example want to share a tweet or tweets with your staff or colleagues as part of your external monitoring.

That’s why we think Pocket is a good option for saving tweets, but also making them available to others in a way that doesn’t compromise the security of the Twitter account. If you add a Pocket browser add-on (Chrome, Firefox and Edge), you’ll be able to add them direct from your Twitter account, and share the content with whoever you want to via the Pocket account.

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