Portsmouth: Monthly Online Q&A

Kevin Rye, 27/04/2020

Portsmouth: Monthly Online Q&A

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Key Insights:

  1. Good Fan Engagement isn’t dependent on ownership model, though it is often underpinned by that (Portsmouth Supporters Trust also have a governance role)
  2. Good Fan Engagement depends on leadership from the top, as well as buy in at all levels
  3. Leadership means visibility: fans expect those running their clubs to be available and open to dialogue

Chief Executive Mark Catlin runs an online Q&A , which he started in summer 2017 when the club was still community owned.

Fans are asked to send in questions, which he answers via video on Facebook and YouTube. He also personally answers emails and speaks with fans directly, and regularly.

Both Andy Holt (Accrington Stanley) and Darragh Macanthony (Peterborough United) engage extensively on social media, something we encourage all owners, club chairs and directors and senior staff to do.

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