Liverpool: Annual Fans Summit

Kevin Rye, 27/04/2020

Liverpool: Annual Fans Summit

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Key Insights:

  1. Visibility of owners and officials builds trust, and can be especially important where overseas owners are concerned
  2. Creating a regular annual event where serious discussions can take place, and owners can be scrutinised, is a good idea for all clubs

In the changes to its Fan Engagement processes in 2017, Liverpool introduced an annual ‘fans summit’.

The summit will be held at the end of each season, and is attended by senior management, owners & directors, as well as fan representatives who attend the regular forums used to communicate with fans on a series of issues, including ticketing and local supporter engagement (these are small groups of fans, rather than the definition of ‘fans forums’ that we use, seen at many clubs, and which are large meetings)

Contact between fans and owners/directors is vital to effective Fan Engagement, as it builds trust. It is a particularly good idea to ensure some form of event for clubs with overseas owners like Liverpool’s. Such events provide a focused form of access to & dialogue between owners who might not be seen at the club all that often, club officials and fan representatives.

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