Glasgow Rangers: Fan feedback on kit quality

Kevin Rye, 05/10/2020

Glasgow Rangers: Fan feedback on kit quality

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Glasgow Rangers decided to host a focus group for fans who had problems with new replica kit produced by Castore.

The club has reportedly sold around 100,000 of the new shirts, but it quickly emerged that there were problems both with the actual quality of the kit – some of them being damaged, as well as in some cases, kit not arriving at all from the supplier.

Rangers received a series of complaints from fans about the new kt produced by Castore for the 2020/2021 season, and as part of managing the issue decided to pull a group of fans together to get feedback, seeking applications which were whittled down to a group of around 10.

Although the Castore has already issued an apology, the Rangers’ SLO, Greg Wallace, organised the group, an excellent way of rebuilding and growing trust between clubs and fans.

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