Five Minute Fans Forum

Kevin Rye, 04/05/2020

Five Minute Fans Forum

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Key Insights

  1. Engagement with fans doesn’t have to be long, or involve organising events. Be inventive and play around with formats – like the Five Minute Fans Forum
  2. Different formats suit different people. It shows that as a club you’re trying to fit in with what different fans want and need, not what suits the club

One of the keys to good communication and Fan Engagement is regularity. One of the ways we’ve spotted a club doing this is the Five Minute Fans Forum done by Oxford United, and broadcast by BBC Radio Oxford.

Senior club staff, importantly including the owner Sumrith Thanakarnjanasuth, Managing Director Niall McWilliams and Marketing Director, Matt Everett, appear to answer questions sent in by fans/listeners. The manager and captain also take part regularly too.

What we like about this is that the format is smart: it doesn’t require a big chunk of time for the participants, or for listeners, and can easily fit into a show like Adam Ball’s drivetime show, as BBC Radio Oxford do.

This is a great way of providing easy to digest, friendly content to fans, whilst providing a link-up with local media.

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