Fans Forums at AGMs or SGMs

Kevin Rye, 27/04/2020

Fans Forums at AGMs or SGMs

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Key Insights:

  1. Transparency is something that needs to be matched with action, and a Fans Forum is a good way of demonstrating this to a wide group of people
  2. Accessibility is vital to to effective Fan Engagement: make sure you think about where and when

Both Norwich City and Cheltenham Town are private companies with a large number of smaller shareholders (AGMs); whilst Newport County and AFC Wimbledon are fan-owned (‘SGMs’ are used for the supporters’ trust).

All four use these official meetings as an opportunity not just to discuss company business, but as an opportunity for fans in general to ask questions.

Clubs can use this an opportunity to demonstrate openness and a willingness to be scrutinised, which is a good confidence building measure, by having a Fans Forum too.

For clubs that are obliged by league rules to have opportunities for two-way dialogue with their fans, forums are a good way of providing a chance for a wide group of fans to experience this.

Ensure that you consider time, date and location, so the maximum number can attend.

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