Creating an Effective Fans Forum

Kevin Rye, 27/04/2020

Creating an Effective Fans Forum

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Key Insights

  1. Fans forums are effective ways of communicating with a large group of fans – particularly when you work with a broadcast partner, ask other media outlets to report direct from them, or broadcast them via your own platform
  2. They are excellent ways of demonstrating transparency with the fanbase on issues, especially around finances

Fans Forums – large, usually open, gatherings of fans, have traditionally been the way clubs communicate with their fans.

However, in some cases they have been superseded by other forms of dialogue, including fans parliaments and more selective group meetings between senior officials (owners, directors, CEOs) and fan representatives.

Our view is that they still have a lot of potential to be effective ways of communicating with a wider circle of fans, in line with our experience that you should communicate with fans in the most appropriate ways. They are especially useful for demonstrating transparency to the widest possible number.

They can be particularly effective ways of getting across messages to a large group of fans, and with the ability to broadcast them yourselves – as well as inviting local or fan-generated media along as well – a great way of communicating to a very large audience.

Blackburn Rovers partner with BBC Radio Lancashire to broadcast their Supporters Consultation meetings, and the Lancashire Telegraph also live blog from the events.

Brighton and Hove Albion also carry out similar forums, which they broadcast via BBC Radio Sussex and their own website. Forest Green Rovers use their YouTube Channel.

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