A Guide to Social Media for Clubs

Kevin Rye, 27/04/2020

A Guide to Social Media for Clubs

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Key Insights

  1. We think it’s always worth being sceptical about new entrants to the social media market
  2. We suggest experimenting away from the glare a bit with new ones before you decide to adopt them formally. The social media graveyard is littered with unused accounts!
  3. Remember: someone will have to operate the account when it’s set up

Clubs might feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right social media, so here’s a guide to the major channels and how you could use it.

We haven’t included other social media sites such as Tumblr, LinkedIn (business networking), sites for gamers, or more territory specific sites such as Weibo (predominantly China), or other messaging apps.

If you want to find out more about these, try guides like this from Buffer or this Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) guide to Social Media best practice.

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