April 13, 2018


Fan engagement programmes that suit you

What are you doing now, and where do you want to get to? We map out how you reach those goals using the best fan engagement and relationship building techniques.

We work with you to implement the changes, support you through the challenges, and ensure they’re permanent and effective

What we do:

  • First, understand what you’re doing now, and where you want to get to. Why are you wanting to change what you do?
  • Second, provide a plan: We show you what you need to do, and how you can reach the goals you’ve set for the process
  • Third, work with the club to implement the changes
  • Fourth, support the implementation through any difficult or challenging times, and ensure that the change is effective, and lasts

Bespoke consultation to get under the skin of an issue

Whether it’s a tricky rebranding or identity issue; a new stadium or development, we design a process around your needs, using focus groups and other, similar approaches

You’ll get a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of your fanbase than standard surveying can ever give you

What we do:

  • First, what is it you want to consult on? What will you use the results of the consultation for?
  • Second, provide a plan showing how the consultation will work, and what you can do with the results
  • Third, work with the club to put the focus groups together
  • Fourth, provide a write-up and report on each group, showing the conclusions that can be drawn from them, and the implications