April 13, 2018


Kevin Rye

Kev been passionate about football since he was a kid, and fortunate enough to be part of the story of Wimbledon as both a fan in its most famous playing era, and then as one of the many activists working to save and then reform the club in 2001/2002 as AFC Wimbledon.

He challenges the idea that Fan Engagement is about technological solutions and sales & marketing patter, and is passionate about helping clubs to adopt an approach where the quality of the relationship and how they conduct it is what matters first.

He’s respected by clubs and the people who operate them, and fans and the people who represent them. This work has additionally been recognised in his fellowship at the RSA, as well as an eleven-year stint at Supporters Direct, where he liaised with the football authorities, clubs, and government as Head of Policy and PR.

To ensure perspective and a professional grounding, he also has a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations, specialising in the relationships between football fans and their clubs in England. He also is also a member of the Chartered Institute for Public Relations (CIPR), providing a set of standards and ethics that he works to.

He is an Associate at ECF, a specialist communication and engagement consultancy working across the United Kingdom.

He has extensive experience in corporate/strategic communication, campaign strategy, public affairs/lobbying, media/publicity strategy, and social media strategy.

He also lectures and speaks in Higher Education on Public Relations.