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Speaking fan on social media

A lot of weight is given to social media as a tool for direct communication with fans. Generally, it’s often thought of as a way of having one-to-one conversations with those interested in your business, and clubs are no different. In fact, it’s the unique role of the fan that makes it such a perfect Read more about Speaking fan on social media[…]

Three top-tips for authentic Fan Engagement – without gimmicks

It’s a fair question. And the truth of the matter is that football hasn’t been good at allowing the kind of culture to develop that Tom refers to in his tweet (above), and quite a lot of fans don’t like the awkward initiatives, or being treated like they’re a customer. Yes, they buy things, but Read more about Three top-tips for authentic Fan Engagement – without gimmicks[…]

Fan Engagement fails with Big Data

I believe that Fan Engagement, if it is to be truly effective – ‘authentic’ if you like – has to mean that human experiences matter over numbers alone. That isn’t to say that data isn’t important, but experience shows that you can’t really understand a human being solely by looking at the numbers generated by Read more about Fan Engagement fails with Big Data[…]

Tear up the tech textbook: It’s time to talk!

Each week, we’re going to be looking at a section from our Little Book of Fan Insights in a bit more detail The motivation behind the book – and Fan Insights itself – came from seeing too many fan engagement ‘experts’ at conferences and events – the places football often goes to find out what the Read more about Tear up the tech textbook: It’s time to talk![…]

The Fan Insights Podcast – Episode One: Departures

The first Fan Insights Podcast is out, looking at authentic Fan Engagement in football. You can find it via our Soundcloud page: The first story this edition will look at Exeter City, and the departure of Paul Tisdale. We’ll then go on to look at the departure of Richard Scudamore as Executive Chairman of Read more about The Fan Insights Podcast – Episode One: Departures[…]

A free way to save time, money & more on your Fan Engagement!

Are you struggling with your Fan Engagement, and need a help along the way? Fan Insights has just the thing for you: The Little Book of Fan Insights. If you’re a senior executive with not enough of time on your hands, it’ll provide some shortcuts to quick wins for your club, with help, training tips and Read more about A free way to save time, money & more on your Fan Engagement![…]

Welcome to Fan Insights

If your club doesn’t have the know-how to deliver fan engagement, or you’ve been wasting time and money you can’t afford on consultation that doesn’t work, Fan Insights can help you Fan Engagement isn’t about tech, sales or marketing. It’s about the relationship between fans and their clubs, and Fan Insights will help football clubs deliver the best Read more about Welcome to Fan Insights[…]